Filter Your Pond With Patriot 9 Watt UV Clarifier

Patriot 9 Watt UV Clarifier

Humanity is daily faced with the problem of dirty, dead and impossible to use water.  This koi pond filter review will help you to clean your pond water. Therefore, it is now vital to find for yourself and your pets truly reliable water purification system. We managed to make our Koi Pond Filter reliable companion for clean water. It combines different types of filtration systems, both mechanical and biological.

The most important quality of any filter is the ability to rid the water resource of an unpleasant green color and at the same time relieve the water of germs and bacteria. What exactly is the heart of the filter? These are valves of various sizes that distill water through the body of the filter.

Then comes a layer of elastic material that holds all the accumulated dirt and algae inside the filter. This is followed by an equally important stage of the filtration system. These are special Zeolite Crystals. It is this kind of crystals that has the ability to reduce the harmful ammonia in your Koi pond, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for your Koi and goldfish.

Koi Pond Filter Review

From the aesthetics and appearance side, you can choose from a variety of options for the placement and delivery of clean water back to the pond. The most popular type is Tier fountain. It looks impressive, perfect for both modern and vintage design of your household. At the same stage of popularity is Bell fountain.

This variation can be safely considered universal and durable. Since it will not go out of fashion for a long time. Both types run on 525 GPH pump what can be called a reasonable option to use.

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