How to Choose a Scope for 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle?

6.5 Creedmoor rifle is the most popular rifle in the world. It is a well known hunting rifle 6.5 Creedmoor Scopeto the hunters and shooters.

Specially, when its come about hunting in a long distance this rifle is first choice to the hunters to shoot a big giant. Its work very well in long range shooting.

There is another thing you must have with this rifle to get and awesome hunting or shooting experience. A good scope can make it perfect for long range hunting.

Now the fact is what features should have in the scope for this rifle. Specially when you need an optic for long distance, you must have a best hunting rifle scope.

Now lets talk about how to choose a scope for this rifle…

Target shooting

Maintain Zero: The scope that you are gonna take, it must have the ability to maintain zero. With proper zeroing a scope you cannot adjust the scope for shooting. A proper zero stop feature in the scope.

Parallax Adjustment: when you need a proper accuracy for long range hunting, you scope should have a proper parallax adjustment feature. The parallax adjustment can be on objective lens. It is very hard to shoot at long range without proper parallax adjustment.

Field of View: For a long range scope to shot in bigger distance you must know the field of view (FOV) properly. Currently you can get a various types of scopes in the market with different types of FOV. The FOV will will show like ft@50yds (feet at 50 yards) or m@200m (meter at 200 meters). You must check the FOV before take a hunting rifle scope.

Also, you have to check the tube diameter and eye relief for the scope you want to take. If those features are satisfactory to you then you can take the scope for your rifle.

How to Choose a Rifle Scopes



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